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I am interested in discovering new ways of creating texture on a surface by adding or subtracting materials, mixing various mediums with paint on canvas, or carving into wood, metal, or clay.

My aim is to reflect human interaction with our natural world; whether nurturing, destructive, or in combination. I’m currently focusing on the negative impacts humans have had on nature, and the relatively recent massive extinction of species around the world. Fossil research and records show evidence of mass extinctions occurring approximately every 60 million years, yet recent human history may suggest we are accelerating the process. The connection between all living species and our collective environment lies in a state of ever-increasing fragility. I feel it is our responsibility and obligation to nurture and protect our environment rather than destroy it.
The purpose of my work is to express the beauty in the evolution and deconstruction of our natural world through future fossils and landscapes, and hopefully, as humans, we can recognize and become more conscious of our interconnectedness.